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About  CPSC Alumni Chapter

The Computer Science Chapter was officially formed in April 2006, to serve CPSC Alumni from the U of C in Calgary and around the world. 

The chapter holds regular meetings and events to promote the aims and objectives of computer science alumni and the U of C Department of Computer Science.

Upon graduation from the University of Calgary with a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree in computer science, all U of C alumni automatically become members of the Computer Science Chapter of the Alumni Association.

Students currently enrolled in one or more classes in the Department of Computer Science at the U of C, and other interested parties such as departmental faculty and staff, graduates from other institutions, and persons from other disciplines working in the field of computer science are also eligible to join the chapter as associate (non-voting) members.

We are a volunteer organization. All our events, services, and projects, including this web site, are organized, coordinated, and directed by the chapter executive and various committee members, and we are always looking for additional insight and manpower. Anyone interested in helping the chapter to grow and evolve is encouraged to contact us with their ideas and assistance.

Speaker Series

The CPSC Alumni Chapter organizes speaker events each year to show off notable alumni who have had interesting careers in the high-tech world. Please see below a list of our past speakers along with a link to their talk on YouTube.

Date Speaker Topic
May 2020 Trevor Textor The Internet: Understanding the Big Picture
March 2020 Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini Blockchain Technology: Promise and Practice
April 2019 Christian Jacob, Mark Greffen, Lou Pushelberg, Shaun Crawford and Tony Tang Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality – A Panel Discussion
October 2018 Dr. Joel Reardon Won’t Somebody Think of the Children? Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale
March 2018 Frank Maurer, Jeff LaFrenz, Abbas Sarraf, Chris Proctor and Eric Sit Think like an entrepreneur: A panel discussion
November 2017 Faramarz Samavati From Geometric Modeling to Digital Earth
March 2017 Richard Bucher Elements for Career Success
October 2016 Edward Tse Creativity and Computer Science: From Passion to Profession
February 2016 John Brosz, Ismail Dandia, Amy Giang and Graham Irving It’s Not All Math and Coding: A Panel Discussion on Career Diversity in Computer Science
October 2015 Trevor Textor Broadband Internet—The “railroad” of our era
March 2015 Mike Williams What to Do if You Don't Have a Computer
January 2015 Rod Anderson, Jeff Carwright, Teisha Iglesias, Kim McNabb & Nisha Manji How To Get a Job in IT, A Panel Discussion
October 2014 Tony Tang Designing Interactive Technologies for Happiness
April 2014 Tom Keenan Techno-creepiness
January 2014 Chester Fitchett Fitchett, Inc - A Start Up Story
November 2013 Andrew Ginter SCADA Security: What’s Broken
March 2013 Lynn Sutherland Canadian Cloud Council
November 2012 Guy Hummel Building a Technology Company
March 2012 Robert Fridman High Performance Computing
February 2012 Dr David Cramb Problem Solving in Nanotechonology
December 2010 Roy Masrani codeExcellence
March 2010 Patrick Lor Pitching your Ideas
October 2009 Kip Fyfe Dynastream
January 2009 Patrick Lor & Kelly Thompson iStockPhoto
March 2008 Neil Buckley Enersight
October 2007 Larry Mellon Electronic Arts
October 2005 Andrew Pearce Dreamworks Animation

Stay Tuned for an upcoming event around May 7th, 2020

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E-mail: scialumni@ucalgary.ca